How did get on top of the Alexa rankings

I used to raise a lot of station to the Alexa method, but few effective, try to confuse yourself, read a lot about this convenient, find, as long as the PV is high, but sometimes it can be higher than IP is effective Oh, my station:


, after seeing my station, you will be a little strange, how is this kind of station? Actually, otherwise, this kind of entertainment website is easier to be improved on Alexa,

, let me talk about my Alexa history,

bought second meters, Alexa ranked more than 1400 W, a week later, on the Alexa ranked more than 800 W, but because the server behind the storm, and all the data gone: Alexa has not changed,

I’ve also found a number of ways to upgrade Alexa,

example: try to make your single page views, in fact, let others leave their website pictures. Rar software ah, ah what to let others outside the chain, Alexa is on your website, so, sometimes the chain is not what the thunder was bad, at least can greatly enhance Alexa the ranking of Kazakhstan,

There is another way to improve

, that is, rely on users, and add a lot of this web page to what "network collection", such as: QQ bookmarks, and so on, so that.Alexa will change,

and Alexa. Enhance the rankings. Do not have to pay attention to ‘normal’! Sometimes with some software can also brush. However, the increase in Alexa does not mean that the increase in site traffic is just a reference. The most important thing is to improve the traffic of your website.

because Alexa is a foreigner after all, he is not so familiar with our Chinese webmaster habits,

so, he won’t be anything like Baidu, and the station must be formal, and that’s what you can do with Alexa,

method may be, I will find out first and Admin5 friends say


also wants some friend to share with us if he has a good way,