How to improve the conversion rate of mobile phone terminal

with the popularity of smart phones, many sites, mobile phone users increasing proportion, how to improve the conversion rate of mobile phones, we need to ponder. Today, according to my own operational experience, I would like to talk to you about some common ways to improve the conversion rate of mobile terminals.

one, article

1, typesetting: article publishing suggestions by normal mobile phone or mobile phone line spacing, open display text spacing will be too large, mobile phone screen is not big, show the number of words will be relatively small, and the distance is too long will lead to the layout, is not conducive to the smooth reading. It is recommended to refer to novel sites on mobile phones. At present, most people will use their mobile phones to read novels in their spare time. That kind of typesetting mode on the novel website has been recognized by a large number of users.

2, the length of the text: the length of the article may be controlled between 300-800 words, too little will be too concise, too much will form a drag. In addition, paragraphs of the text is best to control in 5 lines, at most not more than 7 lines, otherwise it will give people a text piled together, dense feeling, but do not want to read.


, 3 words: mobile phone is different from the direct enough PC users, this part of the user is young, generally impatient with contrast search mobile phone constantly, they more often than PC users more direct, more targeted, so we use the article as much as possible to reduce the frequency of popular words, in a reasonable, simple way as soon as possible to solve the above marketing highlights, and visitor doubts in the first time.

two, planning

The use of

1 and navigation: on PC, the role of navigation has no doubt, after a large number of results show that navigation plays an important role in the website, many are from the navigation station transformation to click. Since PC is the case, the mobile phone will not have the same phenomenon? In the PC above, we demand more and more refined, can according to different columns made different consultation popups, also get rid of the previous model, according to the different columns made different navigation and head figure, even made different column template, is expected to show more relevant column page information, in order to achieve precision marketing purposes. Well, on the phone, we can also adopt such a model,

?In fact,

mobile phone terminal can according to different columns, planning different head diagram, different navigation, different recommended articles, reached the height of the relevant page and column itself, let more relevant, marketing the entire page, let us hope that visitors see things get more and more fully demonstrated. Of course, in specific details, we can do more perfect, but this way must certainly be better than our previous model conversion rate.

2, mobile phone refreshing degree: in the refreshing degree of the page, the mobile phone is more demanding than the PC, because the screen of the mobile phone is limited, in such narrow space pages, if >