Movie station 10 days easy access to 2000P method

movie station is hard to do now, all kinds of procedures, I do not know how many movies and television sites have been cloned. Yes, IP2000’s movie station is pretty good. So in such a situation, the movie station how to quickly get traffic? Like how to get traffic information, there are many tutorials on the Internet, many people made a lot of ideas, but few people can stick with it, because most of the methods are too tired, so here I will take the Shandong film network as an example to talk about the promotion of specific methods of operation, let you do 2000IP easily in a short period of time.

1, soft text promotion method

soft Wen promotion is a very good promotion methods, you can write your own grace, not to buy a few write soft article from Taobao, generally at 10 yuan -80 yuan, you can write more soft, different time to Chinaz, behind, Admin5 and other large station, audit through you will not, because many stations are back from these stations and reprint collection. This will have a great effect on the day, easy to 100IP, this is my station, tested. You can go to Baidu every day search your domain name, the amount of information collected every day is increasing. So the flow is very stable.

2, blog promotion,

, Sina, Google to 163, Xunlei, bokee, and 51, blog blog, blog name in, because there are some words on the search volume is very large, then no set up a blog. Often go to Sina entertainment, 163 entertainment and other places to know about upcoming movies, etc.,

for a simple example:

For example:

terminator 2018 in the October 09 release, then you edit the article title: Terminator 2018 online watch, free download the contents of the article is a brief introduction, send pictures, paste the text, and then specify: XXXX net to prompt you, please pay attention to (your address) so there are a lot of people see this article Click to your site, some people are. So some people will say, so many blog articles to send not too tired? Don’t worry, of course, you can easily manage, use blog group management software, a new article can be published simultaneously, can be found online, can not find the can with me to.

3, flow alliance promotion method,

new station, I do not suggest that you put up advertising union code, the beginning of no traffic, can not earn money. Here I recommend a good flow of alliance,, this is my promotion code:, you can use the master registration, can also use my registration, of course, if you think I said these words useful, you can support me, oh.