Webmaster website space choice can not be ignored

, I am a novice webmaster, with the school to learn a little basic HTML language and love of the network into the webmaster circle. Slowly, with the help of her own feeling and friends, she built a website that she thought she could see. But in the process of building a site, encountered a very depressing thing, it is necessary to write it out here, to remind you Webmaster: website space choice can not be ignored.

that’s the way it is. One day, as usual, I used to open websites, statistics, the background, check yesterday’s website traffic, suddenly found that traffic from Google is much less. I feel very strange, he gave me a search on the Google website, the results showed that Google search showed my website at the same time, the back also added a hint: the site may contain malicious software, may harm your computer. I was shocked, the webmaster friends know what this means, with the end of the world almost. Quickly check the source using the FTP connection space, and find that each source code has not been modified. Can not help but have recourse to site friends. Friends checked my website, told me that he found time to view the source code in IE, have been implanted a virus code on the website source code is not my head, said the friend code problem, the problem in the space provider there. I’ll call the space provider immediately to reflect this problem, and their technology says they’ll deal with it right away. After a while, I opened the website again and found the site was normal. The code was gone.

thought it would be all right to deal with it. Who knows this is the beginning of a nightmare?. From that day on, friends from time to time have shown that there are viruses on the website, and many of them have not been properly solved. My small website, such as this from the toss, so that before the hard publicity flow on the white waste. But I had to ask my friend for help and see if there was a thorough solution. Friends told me that in order to completely put an end to this ARP spoofing attack, only to find a MAC address, two-way binding of the computer room. A friend recommended this cyberspace web search provider to me, he has been provided by this website space, they have room to provide MAC address two-way binding. Without demur, I immediately registered a user name on their website 100dns.com, buy a space, the domain name and website program turned away. Since then, my small website traffic has been able to pick up steadily.

in Webmaster nets write an article remind, and I like novice webmaster friends, don’t make my mistakes, choose the website space must be careful, so you can walk a lot of detours. I am QQ674646683 welcome to communicate with