The happy feeling of walking with Chanet

as the saying goes: "walking together is fate, walking together is happiness.". How do I and my small station walk together with the result net, and walk from together, change to arrive together with the result net, walk together, progress together, hand in hand together the glorious future?. It started with how I got into the business.

since the entrance voluntary choice of computer, came to the University Department of computer science, I love the computer, with the computer science master the students like to go to Internet cafes to mix, from the understanding of Internet and web sites, etc.. Later, love on web design, on their own to find some books to buy some magazines to see their own, learn, learn from the most basic HTML code, the basic HTML code to learn about, just want to own a house, began looking for free space, find the 8u8, then a class went to the Cafe all day to give their future house building blocks, build my hut in the cafe and spread to the free space, introduced to the students, the students looked at me with eyes and envy. Since then found his future dreams and goals, to engage in the Internet industry, so at school

During the

, I tried to teach myself DW, PS, ASP and other web authoring tools and languages. After graduation, began to find work related to web production.

later, 8u8 was forced to close because someone else uploaded illegal content, and my little house disappeared, sad, every day in the Internet bar, hard work out of it, so no. I do not know what time the popular blog, I see later that this is very good, so buy a space under a blog program put up, he changed, and then write something every day, or from other places to collect some information to supplement, and with some other blog do friendship link. Was soon flow slowly increased, can reach more than 100 IP every day, when I wanted to have the users and traffic can I use this to earn pocket money not? Inadvertently see other blog put up ads on Google, I have to apply for, and add one of the blog initiated Google cross point the alliance, income is also one day

‘s increase, to more than 100 USD when suddenly received letters from Google, the account was K. Alas, blame yourself, but in order to achieve the goal, by hook or by crook.

After the

content changed several times, from blog to webmaster information, and information from the webmaster to network TV (because and pop up Internet TV), and later changed more, found in return for this, do not stand popular what to do, the website will never later on their growth, prize activities of particular interest, they made a website to collect these activities, and then apply some advertising, such as Baidu, Linktech, Chanet, Zhi yi. To do, do, feel, Chanet advertising activities at most, unit price Commission is also high, and is to choose the Chanet as the main League, from 2006 >