Zhubajie.com after revision, where is the way to do Witkey Wangzhuan

according to the relevant statistics show that the number of currently engaged in domestic Witkey has reached more than 35 million people, because of the huge base, it created a lot of Witkey websites such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like the emergence of more famous, currently there are three dozen zhubajie.com, Kazakhstan network, time wealth nets, and the pig network first, according to incomplete statistics, the number of active in the pig Witkey network as many as 8 million people, can not be denied that the pig network led to a lot of Witkey website building provides a good platform for Witkey family. From the author know the situation, active in pig eight nets pig can be found everywhere, according to this level to subdivide, to the pig, this level of income is more than 500 thousand yuan is qualified.

it is because of this, zhubajie.com will secure to rely on, despite the unanimous opposition majority of Witkey, take one size fits all approach: in May last year after the revision, many Witkey can open shops, employers choose Offline transactions to avoid paying a commission of 20%. Then according to the smell of pig net income decreased by 16%, so the new revision in March of this year, all the shops contact shield, no contact in instant messaging tool, to control the amount of task flow. The implementation of this initiative, it is more vulnerable to Witkey and settings, because employers offered continuous is there is no punishment, and if it is Witkey take the initiative to leave contact information, it may have been the title punishment, this also led to a lot of visitors to flee Wei zhubajie.com, trying to find a new way.

I engaged in more than a year of Witkey, as a circle of people, but also encountered a lot of employers for "pig eight nets" dissatisfaction, think 20% Commission is too high, and the implementation of this policy is even more so. Therefore, there are several ways for Witkey to find a new way out.

the first way, you can open an online store in Taobao. Taobao claims that the world is not difficult to do business, from the end of last year relatively hot rent boyfriend, girlfriend home new year is remarkable, as long as you dare to think, any transaction can be accomplished through the Taobao platform. The author is also in March suffered the bottleneck of website revision, chose to open shop in Taobao. However, before opening the shop, you need to do a good job positioning. For example, they are good at that project, in the end is design, promotion, or writing, etc., through the search keywords, you can find the relevant data in the sales charts. Such as SEO soft Wen about how much is the price, the number of transactions is the number of months, after thorough analysis, you can target the shelves of products. If you want to compete with those big shops, the opportunity is obviously relatively small, and some shops sell products reached several hundred, the more popular, there are graduation thesis, work summary, and so on. Therefore, the price must first be lower than the standards of these industries, the best service, the employer as a friend to look at, will have the opportunity. If you do it as a part-time job, there are still opportunities.