Tao station set sail again, want to have opportunities and challenges

some time ago has published several articles on the A5, I have a lot of friends and friends, we discuss about the Amoy operation skills, feel super good. Although the Taobao industry has encountered a variety of obstacles. But I want to say, Amoy relies on Ali of the platform during the thousands on thousands of small sellers want to rely on the survival of our promotion, so that the guest still has room for development, but the industry environment is much more than before purification.

therefore, now have the opportunity to do guest, but little smart is useless, even a single page station group, shopping guide promotion than before a lot of small power, we want to make a world, in addition to the reasonable use of construction technology, the rest is to create value. Perhaps some friends see this, will think a small webmaster He Lai create value, we are just the Internet in the world of migrant workers, we just want to earn some living expenses. If you think so, then everything is meaningless. Your website must be a failure, too. Because the Internet is so rich in resources, you do not want others, others will not stay on your site too long, after all you give value, others will come to your site to get content.

so, now do Taobao customers so the two trends, one share, shopping guide, not simply imitate mogujie.com something, but through a series of content to show their value, like myself, in the article according to the different recommended appropriate solar term with beautiful clothes, and the text, behind the depth of mining products, virtually give you a dress collocation instruction, so this can really retain users.

the website can not simply by winning, but not blindly imitate the famous guest site, simple data call not only please the user, it will not last long, we want to make their own characteristics, to find their own position, mogujie.com they succeeded, because they will simply become consumers shopping sharing between the shopping experience as the link of everyone, seize the trust for this keyword, dig out other people’s shopping needs, so we will start from the other direction, to find really suitable for our channel.

third, pure station is no longer a trend, the future guest station will rely more on content, product recommendation will be assisted, will gradually dilute the guest directly for commercial purposes, such as the NetEase’s dress website ISTYLE, is the content of the information in the station, Amoy links is just one aspect, in short, will flow to Amoy the main station of the future, on the basis of traffic and professional degrees to promote products.

this is a few on station to point my summary, because there have been friends in asking about the station operation direction, so in this unified reply to everyone. After so many tests, now the environment is indeed more regular guest. Think of a few years ago, just search with a shopping word will directly pop up a lot of Amoy.