What should do at the website station in 2009

there are quite a few webmaster friends doing site sites just as I do. The www.11016.com (independent blog) is my web site. 2009 will soon arrive, and briefly talk about some directions of the website.

domain name & space:

because the site does not occupy a large space of server, but it requires a very fast speed, so when buying virtual space mainly to buy a small buy big, buy do not buy fast slow "on it. My website has just purchased a new independent IP host, which is very fast. Site name of the site can have nothing to do with the site, but the best to remember, digital domain name is a good choice.


if you want to do the site, be sure to choose HTML can generate static pages of these procedures, there are many online free, understand a little technical words, slightly modified functions should not have what problem. Generate static web pages, you can increase the search engine included opportunities, let other people’s site name become your keywords.


to do a hao123 is not possible, so that the webmaster friends web site content to be small fine, I like the station only a collection of independent blog, so do the professional site, for specific populations will have a certain degree of attraction.


site promotion is more difficult, but if the content to achieve professional, in fact, not a lot of promotion, you can get good results. But for small sites of the site, station to their traffic to see more heavy, because only in this way can give others to bring more traffic, your station will be more popular.


you can not consider GG or Ali mother, because if you do a professional, can be found in your web site customers, business partners, such as my station is for all independent bloggers, most of them are students, so I put the price down to advertising they can accept, plus some concessions, very popular personal blog and welcome.


web site should not blindly imitate others, only to make its own characteristics, showing their professional degrees, will have a better market, in fact, only those that are useful to the user site, will live longer.

2009, I wish you all webmaster friends do stand happy!


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