Web design analysis Web Design in the use of translucent guidelines

uses translucent elements to design web pages that are beautiful and demanding skills. Translucency is the color, text, or image that is diluted or diluted, making the color lighter and revealing the content behind the


is in place, this effect can be very shocking, to draw an excellent text display area, or as a means of attracting attention to some part of the image,

but designers need to be careful when using translucency. This effect is difficult to handle properly because it is relevant to readability. Transparency, the use of false translucent blocks and text, also disperses attention and destroys the overall design effect,

then look at a set of behavior guidelines, with some semi transparent effects on the site’s excellent executive case

makes contrast by translucency.




The best advantage of

in using translucent design techniques is creating contrast. This effect allows designers to create visual focus through color blocks, large fonts on the picture, or a variety of color levels,

translucent can also be separated from the text when the background map can not be good,

uses a semi transparent design in particular to consider contrast. Only when the picture (or background) and the text are readable, is the translucency meaningful. When you consider using semi transparent effects, ask yourself: does this help the user understand the graphics and text?

avoid blocking important parts of images

translucent effects should not be obscured from the background or important part of the picture. When you decide on the position of the translucent layer, be clear about what you sacrificed to

uses different transparency





does not have perfect transparency values. For some projects, 80% transparency is ideal; for others, perhaps 15% is the best choice. Adopt a different degree of transparency for each project

don’t think translucency makes text easier to read,

using translucent blocks to set text does not mean that text will automatically become readable. To consider contrast – translucent color and text, background and translucent color two aspects should consider


translucent effects are used in pictures, color blocks, or text, readability is critical. Remember, if the design effect in text hard to read, you will be unable to convey information