When you need to explain to the user, you’ve lost half of it



last night, we went to a strategic plan for an invested enterprise, and discussed two hours about the shortage of the company’s rapid growth. Finally, it is found that many enterprises will encounter problems: in an industry, there have been several benchmarking enterprises, how to choose strategy


, my products and services are better than theirs,


such enterprises generally feel that this market space is very large, at present several companies do not good enough, they can provide better products or services. So we want to get the market through better products and better service. For example, when thousands of war, many entrepreneurs think they can Bimei group provide more favorable products and better service. Not to mention that some entrepreneurs want to kill Taobao and kill Tencent. These entrepreneurial projects very successful, even die, also do Xiaofujian.

before, "B block 12 floor" wrote an article "one will function million bone dry", which is the founder of such a typical case. Last year, the entrepreneur has always wanted to be a mogujie.com model, and he thinks his editorial team is better than mogujie.com’s and offers better content. Later, the data proved that the project failed, and then entrepreneurs want to make a petal net model, and the final result is as described in the article. From the contact with the entrepreneur, I have been asking, "what’s your difference with mogujie.com and petal network?". Entrepreneurs answer only two: first, my product, content is better than theirs, and the two is this market is so big, why can’t I a project


also watched a lot of TV box products in the first half of this year. Millet box, music box development, as well as the broad market attracted many entrepreneurs. But none of them got out of the question: what are you different from them? These projects are not going well.

why can’t I succeed,


is often asked the question, which is often difficult to make clear in the one or two sentence. Try to read through some of the ideas we discussed yesterday.

first of all, success can not be copied. There are many stories behind success stories that you don’t know, or have never thought about. In the article "eternal advertising machine fantasy", we have a detailed description, entrepreneurial projects also need day, location, people and.

secondly, that’s what I want to say today: you’ve lost half of that. Why do you say: because whether it is for consumers or investors to talk about your products, you are talking about your opponent’s products, talking about other people’s shortcomings, and talking about your own merits. You have virtually recognised the position of your opponent and advertised your opponent. What’s more, when you need to explain to the user, you’ve decided you’re going to lose. Especially in the era when all industries are media industries, products need to be explained