The problems that must be solved in the operation of platform platform for mechanical mall

mall website and general corporate information station is not the same, just a few enterprises tend to pursue online keyword ranking, generally do not directly generate profits, mainly rely on the traditional line down to achieve sales revenue; and information information website often seek is included the amount of information – site traffic, as long as the traffic will there are benefits; and mall site, how to operate? Good music machine Xiaobian it with money before the two operation of the site should be completely different, he needs to solve from line to line to line more problems first, and each link between this and all must be solved are indispensable:

must solve the problem: offline supplier

shopping platform, especially the large mechanical equipment industry often do not have their own products, do not have their own products and want to sell it must have the aid of suppliers, this arises second contradiction is to tackle the problem of why suppliers to cooperate with you? How can in the shortest time to find a lot of willing you work with suppliers, the first problem is relatively easy to solve, as long as you can to let them sell a product to gain such theory will the supplier is willing to cooperate with you, and the second the problem looks very well but really want to solve is not an easy thing, do platform do the mall professional products a large amount of information, this is the platform it is impossible for you to finish the large and professional information written by myself, this That is why most of them are willing to platform at the open platform, so I want to solve the problem that you must get rid of the most willing to let the real suppliers take money to find you, I feel you here to find their own suppliers to a certain extent, can not be regarded as the true supplier, because this kind of customer he could not make much contribution to the construction of the platform for you, if you have a definition for this kind of people can say is "speculation supplier", this kind of person can cooperate with you at any time is likely to turn to other platforms, so as to solve this problem is really not easy for you there must be enough chips chips to make real suppliers in your perfect platform for your platform.

must solve the problem two: online security issues

here is that security is a big problem, a real platform is to pass the safety aspects of the test, only in extreme situations have been tested to be on this platform is relatively safe, if a server is rented is others, not after what the test platform can only say that you can use, the security problem is still not up to about the level, so it is why security is big or small, but if we really want to do a platform security problem is the most basic problem must be solved firstly. Here, you can also think about their own platform has been done to limit flow test hacking test and so on, if the answer is no then you are in the stage of the platform, from the operation This platform also has a very long >