Some experience half back at the station

this is the first article I consider, so at the beginning of this article will introduce the self, in the webmaster circle I am not purely novice, if the site history can be traced back to 2003. During the 04 years I had been "very successful" development of a station, station half PR peaked at 5, Alexa ranked in the top one hundred thousand, although now it seems PR to 5 is not what, but as a person, clearly feel that time is not so easy to increase the PR value, in recent years obviously, Google eased the PR value rise threshold, perhaps from another point of view, it is clear that Google is no longer a value PR.

later because of some objective reasons in real life, I turn off the site, now think really regret, why? I look at the time and in the same period of the site users, either at the time the station was built, but the stick seemed to have the achievement. Visible, do a website, insist is kingly way.

is the way, had done before the site does not want to explain in detail, after all, in the past, even the use of domain name, because they did not renew by foreign registered. Now it came to 2009.

at the end of last year, I once again have the establishment of the idea, then in September 08 to build a website, because many years no contact, so in three months after their admission of failure. Summed up the reason: the original is not too long, not enough understanding of the knowledge of some of the station now, website operation way basically copied a few years ago, the failure is not surprising, to know a few years ago: the number of sites is not now the sand as much, you recommend to friends, family and most of all not interest, say, Baidu and Google’s algorithm and the former is also completely different.

then in November 08 the end of the month, I tried again, after some time, I chose to be a beautiful pictures website, because relatively speaking customers will be easier to flow, of course, taking into account the relevant departments attitude on this website, my beautiful pictures website does not have what sensitive content even the edge ball, are not, you might ask not how striking edge? It doesn’t matter if this world is not necessarily the only beauty dew point of interest, you look at the popular beauty on the network for several years, not all


is out of this consideration, I’m back at the second sites: hair red Museum ( was born. With the popular beauty as the theme, with independent genre names the main menu with the blog classification, provide network related information on this popular text, thought establishment, until now, has been for six months.

learned from the failure of the first site last year, I actively put into the CHINAZ and ADMIN5 and other authoritative Webmaster Station, understand the trend of the station now, CHINA>