There is a shortcut to success is the death of hard work

We often say

, to look at others’ successful experience, so that we can avoid detours, more close to success; look at others’ growth story, can give us some inspiration, let us do better. A5 Thursday version, in the future several activities, will continue to invite excellent personal webmaster to share his Internet experience, hoping to give some enlightenment to the webmaster.

August 5th, Admin5 version of the chat activity every Thursday invited Peng Hongwei (blog to share his extraordinary experiences and stories to share Internet, blog operation, network marketing experience. Peng Hongwei, he is a paraplegic legs of young people, is a grassroots webmaster, 2003 life a joke to him, a car accident claimed the life of his legs, but the story continues, he created a miracle with their own efforts, through the unremitting persistence, he succeeded not only a monthly income of thousands, and become the industry celebrities. The baby finishing parts, welcome to discuss.

: how long has your blog been established? How about traffic and users? This blog is your platform for displaying your own work and making customers. Is there any profit for this promotion blog? Can you tell me


answer: my blog was set up in early 09. Now around IP400-500, compared with Mu Changqing and Lu Songsong, a lot worse, and I’m sorry. The main purpose of my blog is to build more customers. Many of my jobs and many of my clients now know each other through blogs. So I don’t have much demand for blog traffic. My blog hasn’t made any money so far, because I didn’t sell advertising. There was a training institution before, and I didn’t sell it.

asked: personal guests said that the network is the first single career earned 500 yuan, is a tourism website promotion, a month long promotion effect is very good, what is your promotion? It just contact network, how do you promote


answer: the first job, in fact, very simple, that is, BBS promotion. The initial salary was 350 dollars a month. At that time, making money was not the main purpose, but mainly wanted to use this opportunity to practice. At that time, when doing BBS promotion, contributed to the company and a well-known Parenting Network of an activity. So the company pays 150 of the bonus when it comes to pay.

asked: a few days ago saw Lao Yao interview guests an article, said you are busy, at night have time to interview, want to know the guests ordinary day arrangement, how to arrange work and rest.

answer: in fact, do our work, mostly busy during the day. Get up at 6:30 in the morning, usually after getting up, turn on the computer, surf the Internet, update the content of your website, and check the data of the day before the website. Then look at the hot news and Internet news, and then eat breakfast, 8:30 or so, ready to start the day’s work. Because of many >