Universe let you learn how to stand out in many navigation stations

experienced webmaster know now the navigation station is actually very difficult to do, the entry requirements are too low and mostly did not feature this let a lot of navigation from the beginning has been doomed to decline, even if it still has a lot of friends love to do navigation station but the station did not feature without good ranking and popularity just after years, Guangyu also made a shopping navigation some experience to share with you today on how to make navigation more features to make your talent shows itself in many sites.

We often say

content is the core of the site but in doing navigation at this point seems to be not applicable because the collection site navigation is just because of this, but also let the webmaster in the promotion of optimization is no clue: website do not delay, not updated snapshot, ranking gone up and makes a headache things. So how do I solve these problems,


took over for the 51 pan look when shopping navigation is the first to analyze my opponent and I found that most of the competitors were simply selling products or just some navigation and so on, I will analyze one by one the first few pages to find a suitable breakthrough point, since that navigation the content is not good to do it for him, because I want to take a shopping navigation to users so I can let him in the selection of good shopping website can also learn some skills and knowledge about online shopping or online shopping and interesting news and so on, so after the decision alone opened a plate so as to solve the problem of web content on the other hand to the shopping site navigation has own characteristics, of course through this trick to start ranking also many simple, many other The problem has been solved. Of course, it is best to open a directory, I was due to the appropriate program not found it did not do so, friends if you want to do it on a level directory will be better, this is the most important method or the content of this is not in the.

said that in fact is to share with you one thing: no matter what the station should find a breakthrough, unlike other people find their advantages and features, also should learn to analyze their opponent and find the weak point at site where then do. With modaobuwukanchaigong a reason to determine the good idea to do it much easier. Here pan also hopes to do the same navigation station friend some inspiration.

Author: Li Yuguang

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