ODP – site login, DMOZ, manual classification, retrieval system, operation instructions

, for Internet users, ODP (Open, Directory, Project) refers to an open directory search system. DMOZ. ORG is known to play a role in improving the weight of websites. Many webmaster embarrassed in the English reading ability, can let the site be included. Now let’s learn how to submit your favorite web site.

DMOZ why authority


volunteers from around the world (DMOZ editors not the site staff) are free to participate in the construction and maintenance of the world’s largest community directory, so the fairness and justice is higher than the Yahoo directory.

DMOZ so far, large and small classification classification of 590000 (can be considered to include all walks of life), included more than 4500000 sites, and the number of volunteers also reached 85000 people.


Google Chinese web directory (http://s.google.com/dirhp hl=zh-CNb) is also linked to DMOZ.

What is the role of

DMOZ in promoting web sites

1, login DMOZ site will get search engine priority call

, Google, Linux, Netscape, Thunderstone and other search engines are using the ODP directory system. Login to DMOZ for more website promotion opportunities.

2, login DMOZ to increase the weight of the role of the site

many SEO practitioners believe that the DMOZ directory has a direct effect on enhancing the site’s weight. Although there is not enough data to explain the absolute impact of the weight of the site, DMOZ is definitely a high quality one-way link.

3, DMOZ for promoting website reputation

DMOZ volunteers for submitting applications for registration of websites strictly audited, so many sites have been shut out. And the website has a link on DMOZ, to the visitor, it is at least an impression show.

How does the

website log in to DMOZ


1, site login steps

visit www.domz.org to find your stationowned (if it is Chinese can access the http://s.dmoz.org/World/Chinese_Simplified/ website), the top of the page and click the "login URL" and enter the corresponding website, website headline: description and submit.

2, login experience sharing

website catalog by category must be consistent with the login, otherwise it is impossible to.