Use BBS signature to increase the chain and attract spider frequent access

wrote to the new look, veteran please skip the

every day in new ways to increase their own web site chain, bored today staring at the webmaster network BBS in a daze, suddenly found a simple method was ignored, this is BBS signature

then quickly open the control panel, modify personal information inside the signature, see the label does not support UBB, then follow the prompts to enter my time to link to to modify the message, see the signature has emerged,

be accomplished!

himself every day bubble reply in stationmaster net forum posting, and like Admin5, stand behind these high weight, Baidu spider to frequent, if you come to post or reply to others, the equivalent of every day issued a new chain, every day can attract the spider to your site: /p>

ha ha, no technical content of the article, if you do not have your signature files, go to action,