Product design principles four plan and step out your product

on Monday, I wrote third of my three product design principles, "perfect and later on the line" on my own point of view. Yes, I really appreciate the identity, Paizhuan good reason: the product line need time to plan, not to the so-called perfect, has been postponed; also do outsourcing or custom software development friends is also very dissatisfied, customers have time ah, when something is not on the line between, might breach of contract.

In fact, these two

in principle I also said: first improve the third is relative, I didn’t say so perfect in line, I called the perfect and perfect is not referring to the function, and absolutely not only perfect quality. But in their own ability, financial resources, time and within the scope of, as far as possible perfect. If you can not pass their own this pass, do not let on-line to meet customers, otherwise it will die miserably. With regard to product perfection, it will take too much time and lead to delays in the line. My advice is to introduce your product step by step and plan.

I said from

Avenue in the first part, the design of products should be as simple as possible. But not all products can be simple, I just want to cover a building, you can get me to cover a chicken coop. But a tall building sometimes has more than you can afford. If you want to build a tall building, you have to build a tall building. Then, the quality of the product may not reach, and the final target customers can not achieve the desired state. So how to deal with this situation, that is, a planned, step-by-step to launch their products?.

has launched its own product in a planned and step-by-step way because of its clear understanding of its own team’s R & D capabilities, as well as a clear understanding of its products. It is not a bad thing to know whether the product is beyond its capacity, and if the product does not exceed its capabilities, then the complete introduction of the product is not a bad thing. If the product is beyond the scope of their abilities, or for the purpose of marketing, to the customer in a hedge, so have a plan, step by step to launch their own products becomes very necessary. So, how do you launch the product in a planned and step-by-step way?

first, make plans. Many people step out of their products, not because ahead of schedule, so to step out. This does not have the opportunity to introduce its own products step by step, can only be considered a product is not perfect. The plan is to do, in the development of the former, know to what steps can launch products, product launch function can become a system, but this system even though no you want so complete, but the user can achieve the basic requirements. Moreover, every feature that is released is perfect, and the quality is reliable. Only in this way can we make plans.

second, sub steps to launch products and to improve the future launch of the product is not contradictory, and sometimes step production