Station 3 days of novice webmaster psychological process

in order not to waste your webmaster prawns time, I use the vernacular to describe their 3 day site construction process.

24, started the site, because the company project reasons, the content of the site and AJAX technology related, many of its own collection of information, there are several original articles.


domain name was registered a few days earlier, and, feeling and content of the site and its relevance, though it was longer.

page design, because my art level is relatively poor, so rarely use the map, DIV+CSS page layout.

, these are in accordance with Admin5 above everyone prawns say do.

spent about 2 Nights writing web apps and putting them on the site they had previously requested.

these 3 days, during the day in the company, take advantage of free time, began publicity.

In order to let Baidu

Google breakfast included, I was in the major search engines to submit sites to Admin5, at the same time, Baidu know, Baidu Post Bar, also has its own CSDN blog published an article, hope to get spider.

3 days later, Google finally collected my 3 articles (Yu Mena), yes, search AJAX related keywords, my station basically ranked in the top 3 position.

but just before I got home, in my company, search, AJAX +, automatic matching, search results, an article in my station was in second place.

yes, just now, just now, I went to site and found that there was only home page left….

depressed ah, do not understand why the other 2 articles removed by GG, I hope to help.

also, I’ve found a few problems through the publicity these days. It’s also called experience. By the way, I’m

1) GG spider access Admin5, and CSDN blog frequency is so high, oh, I sent the article less than a few hours, you can find, so want to let your site included earlier, more Admin5 write it, ha ha.

2) Admin5 reviews in the domain name propaganda, basically not much use, ha ha, one is used Ajax, the search engine is not friendly, come again, not links, spiders do not taste. Have the strength not to bump forum.

3) go to Baidu know, stick it propaganda, don’t just posted web site, it is best to find specific posts back, and the best reply content, the answer is more than your propaganda language.

4) by visiting statistics, GG is pretty fancy to the domain name, like my domain name,, you search for Ajax + samples, not >