Tang Shijun why is it that the original webmaster will be more successful

recently, many enthusiastic webmaster friends to reflect on me, why your blog original so little?. The master said is right, this is a busy time, does not have too much time to the original, this time has been thinking about how to edit "the forum moderators management manual", "A5", the forum for beginners guide "A5" Bangui mission area etc.. But I can still guarantee every Monday article original, this article is an original. Thank you all webmaster friends support.

as a A5 editor, I very much hope that the webmaster for the original, and then in the A5 submission, I would be the first time in the management of the background, reading to the webmaster of the original; as a webmaster, I also hope that the webmaster can original, can share to the webmaster friends stand experience. I always think, can be original webmaster, easier to succeed. In fact, I am also a webmaster, from the beginning of 2007 with the first site in life, has four years of history, now I have independent blog, there is a forum for Jiwen Ge network marketing network marketing forum, Jiwen Ge forum for network marketing network marketing professionals to provide professional knowledge exchange forums, through the exchange of the way to let more network marketing novice benefit, and let more people understand each other’s network marketing, for the purpose of achieving common progress.

Why does

say that the original webmaster will be more successful,


one, will be the original webmaster, good at learning, thinking, summary, good at actual combat.

write original, if there is no ink in the mind, there is no thinking can not write, and even if you can write the original, this original meaningless, the contribution will certainly not pass. Only you have studied, thought, summarized, actual combat, can write valuable and meaningful original. You can think of a good learning thinking of combat is not good webmaster, is a mind, a mind webmaster, website operation is not very easy to success? So, suggest stationmaster can calm down, not impetuous, practical learning, thinking, practice, summary, and then the original. Believe that an original webmaster, from success is not far away.

two, original content, not only Baidu, Google likes, website forum also like.

webmaster, all know, Baidu, Google all like fresh original, if you insist on adding original in your website, to improve the weight of the website is very good. At the same time, you write the original in A5 contribution, in the A5 submission rate is relatively high, if through, will be reprinted by other websites, improve the website weight, increase valuable outside the chain is very good. The A5 has been supporting the webmaster to original, original article, A5 on allowed to put a link in the original. Of course, you can write the original release of many websites and forums, add a link to your site, because you are original, the website and the forum administrator will not easily put your original harmonious off, who let you is original? Of course if you go to the website and forum spam content with your links. Real time may be deleted.