Website construction should seize the hearts of users and search engines

, such as A5 large community website is not too much, and the network competition is very fierce, now, website traffic is webmaster friends are most concerned about the topic. The main source of traffic to the site is the search engine, the search engine is in the leading position in China is now Baidu, so most of the site traffic is from Baidu search engine, of course it will bring some other traffic. This website will increase the friendliness of the engine, and the design is not necessarily the webmaster himself, which relates to the friendly degree will have a certain gap, this is not a search engine’s favor, as a webmaster is not willing to see the results. Then, how to operate the website in order to increase the friendliness of search engine?

one, the user likes content

search engine is constantly upgrading and updating, and the requirements of the website are more and more strict. The search itself is also a web site, since there are deficiencies in the website, such as FLASH, animation and so on, it is not easy to identify, you can not grab these content. In order to allow spiders to identify and grab these content, the website’s best use of static HTML text form.

The main contents of the

search is the theme of the website, since Baidu implemented the "Baidu" since the original spark program, will enhance the quality of the content of the web site to a new height, it is not difficult to see that the era of content is king forever, not only have more to have quality content, search engine is very love the content, theme not only on the network, which is also a new viewpoint of reliability, the original, hand grasp the user’s heart, increase the user experience.

two, the link structure is clear,

Internet is a very large and complex network, search engine spiders can come and go freely in such a complex network, because network links, let the spider can link according to the recognition of different different path. It can be seen that the link between the website and the page is very important to the search engine. Whether the link is reasonable or not is directly related to the time of spider crawling. That is to say, the link structure of the website is clear and reasonable.

site navigation links is an important content of web page design is good, a lot of sites in the plan did not take into account this knowledge, often hidden or no navigation navigation, or navigation to look directly by animation or pictures, the search engine does not recognize this, not to mention grab.

Link to

website to show the contents of this website is limited, will try to tune out the high quality links to content pages, so that the quality of the content of the website links to show to the user and search engine, so as to shorten the time of users and search engines.

three, the website structure is reasonable,

The structure of

website is very important in website planning. In general, the structure of the website is divided into flat mode and deep mode. Flat mode is mainly applied to structure >