The webmaster to do four – wise remark of an experienced person user experience

How can

through good user experience to do Wangzhuan? I believe we all want to know! From the long-term development and rules, want to do Wangzhuan must do user experience work. What is the user experience? User experience is simply to do service, if the service is good on behalf of the user experience well, so we can accept your website or product, just want to pay for or experience. Here’s what I’d like to give you: four points on the user experience:

The first point of

‘s user experience is to locate the crowd based on the needs of the product or service, the site,

this is very important in four. Why do I say that? Because our service is facing different people, and different people, of course, require different things. Their needs are different for age, profession, color, country, place, ethnicity, etc.. Therefore, we need to carefully analyze and constantly verify, in order to follow their own needs to locate the crowd.

good user experience of the second point: that is, the need for empathy thinking

empathy can be said to be the core of the user experience, for everyone, they are consumers. What we want and what we ask for is what we think of. For example: I like your site is done, of course in the website before you will want to do their own, this site will not love? If it was their own love, the love of this website website? What, if you do not love, what is one of the reasons and disadvantages? This is empathy, empathy can only let you know more and more about what users want, what is in your mind, as long as we can catch the user’s psychological, so this thing is possible to get the chance of success.

good user experience of the third points: to the state, industry laws and regulations to consider

we all know state laws and family rules, of course, do Wangzhuan so. Now do Wangzhuan is no longer as before the horse around you can take this into account, the limitation of the laws and regulations of the state to do for you or is there some matters which should be paid special attention to before we do wangzhuan. If you do not take into account the laws and regulations of the state, soon, the police uncle, the industry and Commerce Bureau uncle ah, or the Inland Revenue Department uncle will come to visit.

good user experience of the fourth point: that is, you must compare with peers and user experience survey

Why do I say

must do comparison with their peers and to investigate the user experience? Because each industry basically have counterparts, and how can we do better than their peers? This is what we have to consider some good aspects, first we can reference, is correct then they are not good the hand, "