The site as its own business, to set a good position, insist on it will succeed

07 years in March, a webmaster friend introduced me to know Admin5, in the webmaster nets diving for nearly a year, and now also learn to write articles, write this article section practice.

on the cause of doing stand reference, derived from just looking at a friend standing in ADMIN5 post, the first time there is a career, do stand and cause to do stand concept. I used to have such a strong idea, do a lot of garbage stations, rely on the cumulative flow of advertising costs. But pulling Baidu’s hair on No. 5.31 made me aware of the risk of the idea. I think, do garbage station, should belong to the scope of the profession to do the station – do stand for a living. The website as a life goal for yourself, do stand, do, do a good sustainable development, this is the so-called business station. Take the website as your career, as a challenge in your life. Do stand easy, do stand is not easy – so, focusing on the location, an accurate positioning, is conducive to development; do stand easy, do not easily, so large, perseverance, while the development side perfect, persevere, to become bigger and stronger, and ultimately achieve the goal, to achieve their ideal. Added: in fact, do stand, more is for the original purpose of money, so I prefer to do station station occupation coexists with the cause — first need is for their own profit and the station, then enjoy station. Even some personal views, we seek common ground, at Different people, different views.. In addition, don’t forget AD, my station,, need to do link station friend, please contact me QQ:100861804