The lazy thinking of the Ministry will only increase the complexity of the website filing

May 6, 2010, Adsense registration process finally has the latest progress, about the need for photos of the rumors have been confirmed. But the news of the Ministry’s filing website is shocking, with only captions and pictures attached, with no other captions. The two picture download, give a person with rather baffling dizzy feeling.

as an Internet practitioner, individuals are very supportive of filing purposes. Detailed records for the Ministry of industry will enable more standardized management, supervision, industry owners, the industry is also conducive to the purification of fair competition, so that those who work hard to do the station to get a fair competition. From this angle, will really want to rely on the Internet to eat, want to build a website webmaster who will be very supportive of this policy.

Ministry of lazy politics thinking, Chinese characteristics,

but, when the implementation of the webmaster really very indignant. First of all, the record information previously although not cumbersome, but the usability is poor, some of which part of the record that we often puzzled, but the official answer can not solve the problem. What’s more, the record has not come down, dragged on for several months. Some time ago, the record number was cancelled without reason, and then the website was instantly sealed. The stationmaster complains no door. The angry stationmaster shouted, and the Ministry remained unmoved. The pressure on the Ministry has increased sharply as a result of poor regulation and exposure by prominent media outlets. This time, do not allow ordinary webmaster registration, need business licenses, filing, need to take photographs and other means will be vividly portrayed. Today, the camera means finally implemented, the landing of this decision, but also the Ministry of lazy political thinking reflects, with Chinese characteristics. The decision will be effective, but very unreasonable, many difficulties only those who work hard to do the station owners swallow the heart. As early as thousands of years ago, Confucius told the governor to go before the people, diligent, responsible, do not slack off, instead of hiding in the back of the station, supervision responsibility equally apportion.


million Swiss data Internet industry analyst Ming believes that the camera system can purify website industry, but caused great inconvenience to the owners, and the collection of photographs could be given to domain agents, security risks caused by personal information." The Ministry of thinking is very lazy management mode of Chinese characteristics, the webmaster did not contribute directly to the Ministry of Taxation, but also caused the information flooding difficult to regulatory, and now the Ministry of sanctions is also reasonable webmaster. Even if the webmaster industry from glory to depression, the Internet content still has large and medium-sized websites to meet the needs of Internet users, so the Ministry of the implementation of this plan, even if the small and medium-sized Adsense industry, nor much damage. On the contrary, it can increase the performance of government reports, such as the effective control of pornographic websites, the decrease in the number of pornographic websites in 2010 than in 2009 and so on.

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