The new incoming inventory of online travel 2014 veterans die


, Sohu, IT / Yang Shufang,

, where CEO went to the village, said at the annual meeting that the $4 trillion worth of tourism accounted for 10% of the world’s GDP, even though conservative estimates suggest that China’s market size is 1 trillion and 300 billion yuan a year. City CEO Wu Zhixiang said, in early 2014, the online travel survival SEM, SEO encounter mobile Internet challenge, that time with the process of 90% orders from PC, now this figure has been lower than 50%.

chiefs speak at least two messages: online travel is still a huge space; to seize wireless users is king. This capital closely watched the industry, 2014 tired out big tycoons, but also the birth of many start-up companies.

review the trend and events of the whole industry in the past year. We can sum up a few trends:

1. industry space is still great.

China Internet Network Information Center released the "thirty-fifth China Internet development report" shows that as of December 2014, booking through travel and holidays products on the Internet users reached 222 million, growth of 22.7% compared to the end of 2013.

, according to Analysys think tank reports, 2014 of all transaction volume, standardized ticket, hotel reservations accounted for nearly 90%, accounting for only 11.9% of travel products. The general view of the industry is that this part of the tourism products, most of the resources and passenger flow is still in the hands of traditional travel agencies, OTA can strive for space is still great.

2. is good for shade by tree.

Internet circle famous Godfather Tencent investment with the way, I am interested in travel and travel with the way the bread, there is another kuanye Ctrip investment. Ali has invested Bai Cheng travel and stone based information, Jingdong and Ctrip investment last year listed on the way cattle. Where to go behind, there have been major shareholders Baidu platform.

Wu Wenxiang said, with the process of entrepreneurship in the first 10 years, he has always considered that online travel is mainly team competition, but from 2013 began to realize that the industry entered the "capital + team" double competition era. The next three years will be a very competitive marathon, even if the strongest team, but also needs a steady flow of capital support, and those who can not get supplies will be lagging behind or even eliminated.

3. price war never goes out of fashion.

this should be the most popular game users, they don’t need to encounter things nouveau riche quarrels, direct benefits of talking chatter without stop, well, for example, one yuan tickets for the same process, where the hotel is. Despise others burn money? Hum, rich, you go up, ~


hada travel CEO, Duan Jikui said, they found in operation, no matter what the class of users, the price is >