Be careful what you do today. Do you have any intention

Hello, I come Yin main car Bleach. I haven’t written in A5 for a few days. I’m kind of thinking about you,


recently added dozens of webmaster exchange group, we explore how Wangzhuan is. Why do people earn several thousand, but I had no. Winter is coming. Our website to hibernate? There are too many owners for their own station. The intention to care. As their children to raise. Even many nights do not go to sleep. To accompany your website. The master to accompany you through the night of rain. How many you counted?

has a lot of people think we do this line is very easy. Just sit at home and make money. We really think the money is out of the sky. But they don’t do this again how to know this line of bitter. The number of day and night. Because there is no worry about the subject matter? The number of day and night because there is no original. Worry about


a lot of people say. I’m a garbage dump. What doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter. Let me ask you one thing. Did you do it with your heart?

just hit some of the last rankings. Earn some money from an advertising alliance. How far can you go?

, Baidu,.GG, they can walk to today. It’s because they take the normal route. Only today. Don’t be greedy. Maybe your station. There’s a better way to go.

there’s a chance that you’ll get rich overnight because of this station. Why can’t you do it with your heart,


actually stands as a man. Look at your station. You can see what your people are like,..

I have said above. Your station is like your child. Why can’t you treat? Even their children are not treated well, your heart is visible? I advocate here is not what we are to do regular station. And give up the station. No matter what you do. As long as you put your heart into it. It’s a regular station. Who rules the QQ station? It’s the garbage station. You might say everyone says so,.

you’re wrong. People say garbage is rubbish. He says you’re not standing. You’re not standing,


don’t listen to what other people say. Go your own way. Go your own way. It’s no use blindly imitating. Dare to innovate. Dare to develop the market. It’s kingly..

hear that. I think someone should call me names. But I’ll go on,.

what do you mean by heart:


first, don’t over collect, SEO. you rank up what, you are forever first, wrong, laugh to the last is the winner.

which cattle station is up by acquisition and SEO? If Baidu rely on acquisition that will not do anything right? If you are collected. You should modify it, of course, SEO is a necessary, but not excessive SEO not overdo sth..