Taobao guest website daily income 400 yuan, experience sharing

has never been in contact with Taobao’s type of website, and is intent on getting the IP of the movie type, because the movie traffic is easy to induce click advertising. In April 19th, I bought a Taobao app in A5 and tried to be a Taobao type site. After optimizing the program, I set up the site and made several quality connections in the first place. So the website was quickly indexed by Baidu and Google.

ranking keyword is still stable, basic IP maintained at about 4000, and at the weekend, because Hunan TV more Amoy, the more happy broadcast, IP than usual doubled. Because Taobao is related to keyword traffic, the transaction rate is still relatively high, and I deliberately recommend a number of High Commission products, and now mention Chengdu in 200-400 yuan per day, pretty good. If you are doing a movie station, you have to have at least 30 thousand IP in order to have this income. So I concluded, as long as you choose the program and Taobao keyword, or the head of the guest website. First on the map, in order to share with you, I do hi Amoy net some of the optimization experience.



share experience below:

1, looking for the new guest source, because the old source with too many people, adverse to optimize.

2, select the keyword, this is very important, and its optimization, "Taobao", it is better to choose "Taobao home login", you say


3, do Title settings, as well as the bottom, you can add some original description, so that the introduction of the home more.

4, exchange links, not too much, 3-5 a day, but to ensure that Baidu snapshot within 3 days of the link.

5, the website released to the relevant Baidu post bar, to attract part of the flow and increase the chain.

6, to search questions, answer questions, join web site, draw preliminary flow.

7, build QQ group, want to know, those are Taobao gens, they will be your long-term client.

8, keep the site updated, you can add an internal channel to the website, publish some original articles.

, let’s say that for the time being. Join the Taobao Union, immediately earn links, address, w=p_10000569&, p=&, f=