Write soft text, how to make soft cycle extension

what is a soft text? Here I will not translate. I think a lot of writing soft friends have experience, published soft Wen three days ago, really can see the soft text brought real effect. But after basically no, and this is why, because the general soft text is published in some relatively large stations, and these stations update frequency is relatively high. So soon, your soft Wen is someone else’s new soft Wen squeezed to the background, so greatly reduce your soft text appear in the reader’s sight of the opportunity. So we should also pay attention to long-term benefits when writing soft text, so we can not let our results be so short-lived, and then sink into the sea. Now, I share some of my experience with soft writing, and I may not be able to experience it. Ha ha, but I think it should be shared.

makes soft text life cycle longer, do the following is enough:

a paragraph method, if your article is slightly longer, you can not publish once, and divided into several parts, published several times. This can also make your soft life cycle longer. After reading, some readers will look forward to the next part, but have not read the last part, but the reader who has read the latter part will look for what you have published before. In this way, there is no neglect of the former part, and the latter part has played a greater role in him.

two, modify the law after writing the soft text, feel some improper what, again revised, again published. Of course, if you change a few words, then advise you not to publish again. The modifications here are some of the points in your essay, and some of the argument plays may not be appropriate, and finally they are revised. Correction range to be slightly larger, not only modify a few typos understanding is modified. After you have revised it, you will issue it again and indicate mistakes and modifications. Only in this way can you get the readers’ trust and make your soft text come into play again.

three, transfer method, you can not once in all the soft Wen place published, you only published in part of the web site. Then, after a period of time, then publish to other websites. But it’s best not to be of the same type, because readers of similar sites are similar. This type of reader should have been read almost all over a web site, so you’ll publish it to another type of Web site once again. Transfer the effectiveness of soft text to another reader.


analysis and evaluation method of your article published after a certain time, you can write something about this article review, or comment on something like this. One is to improve this communication; two, to attract more new readers to read.