Children’s home appliances an unprecedented hot market


is now the development of the market, all walks of life has become the direction of investment, children’s home appliances as a sunrise industry, has been gradually accepted by people, and showed a hot growth. Join the children’s home appliance market, paving the way for your fortune!


but in the function of children’s TV is built into 3 kinds of puzzle games, remind function and limit the viewing function. The reporter also saw the kettle   beckoning cat style; and toy car cleaners, rabbit balls dispenser, Penguin humidifier, pet cat eggboilers, although these products hit the children appliance signs, but in fact is almost the same with ordinary household appliances.


and red apple   LCD TV is usually a beautiful apple   when you open the door, you can see the screen and apple   meat, apple   nuclear. In the "HANNSpree", a 9.6 inch LCD TV prices ranging from 2800 yuan to 3980 yuan, 15 inches of roughly four thousand or five thousand yuan, the largest 23 inch "rebounding" LCD TV price 9880 yuan. The marketing manager Gong Weimin told reporters that the red apple   LCD TV once sold out of stock, buyers and users are mostly adults. Therefore, she believes that it is the children’s home appliances, in order to sell well and win the market, in product design, the focus is to consider the use of adult population habits.

currently on the market there is a class specifically for infant small household appliances sales are booming. In almost all of the families with children, it has become an essential product, but so far there is not a well-known domestic enterprises to produce such products