Shop channel classification

online business friends sometimes worry that supply is not enough, once the customer order has no inventory, the problem is in trouble, whether B2C or Taobao, pat sellers, on how to choose the purchase channels, many at the initial stage of the shop owner can not find to point. The following small series on some of the main channel to introduce the purchase of goods.

1, wholesale market: This is the most simple method to find sources, the most common, but many sellers will ignore this simple method, and turned to the origin of the goods. In fact, in the initial stage of your shop, if the sale of goods can not reach a certain amount, then in the local market, has been able to meet your needs. If your business is clothing store, then you can go around some large wholesale market to purchase services, in the wholesale market purchase need to have strong bargaining power, and strive to be the price pressure to a minimum, and to establish a good relationship with wholesalers, on the exchange of goods on the issue with wholesalers said clearly, lest day after the dispute. Like many around the market, such as Guangzhou Liuhua clothing wholesale market, Yiwu small commodity city.

advantages: updates faster, more varieties; disadvantages: easy to stock, the quality is not easy to control; for the crowd: there is such a big market, they have a certain ability to talk about the price.

2, factory direct purchase: the regular manufacturers supply adequate, the high degree of credit, if long-term cooperation, generally able to secure product exchange. But generally speaking, the manufacturers of high volume, not suitable for small wholesale customers. If you have enough money to store, there is a distribution channel, and there will be no risk of cargo. If you go to the relatives and friends around the factory direct purchase, do not need to worry about the basic quality of service and other issues, the price is more reasonable, if the shelves for a period of time is not good sales can also be replaced.


advantages: the price has advantages; disadvantages: funds, inventory pressure, a single product; suitable for the crowd: there is a certain economic strength, and has its own distribution channels.