f you think so, you should quit

I want to live a wonderful life, to conquer the challenges that make my heart beat faster, I want to live my life freely, to feel the mind and body that has been fettered. I know it’s not easy to achieve. And I know that there’s a lot of risk and uncertainty. But anything is possible. That’s why I decided to write 10 more reasons to prove that you should quit your job and start a business. Regardless of whether or not to do so, the decision rests with you.

1. you will rekindle hope for life

2. you will understand the true value of money

your own business is really difficult, especially in the beginning; but also because of such, are essential for every penny you consume. Going out to eat, take a vacation or buy a luxury, you need to measure the money, and the money should be spent on entrepreneurship.  , when you can understand how to make money through your own creativity and skills, you will cherish every penny.   for you, this is a good thing, because:

you will not waste money on meaningless things;

3. you will learn how to do things right

4. you will respect the doer and creator

why is it so important?