Drink coffee every three cups will be smaller breast health net

we all know that caffeine can keep people awake, also have some inhibitory actions. But a recent study by Swedish scientists has attracted a lot of attention, because they point out that if a girl drinks more than three cups of coffee a day, their breasts become smaller.

girls drink coffee every day over three cups of breasts will become smaller

cancer researchers found that half of the women had a specific gene in the body, because the gene, when they take caffeine, the breasts will shrink.

this study examined nearly 300 women, but Helena of Lund University? Jinsiluomu said, the female is not necessary because the results always on tenterhooks all day.

explained: "women who drink coffee don’t have to worry about their breasts getting smaller overnight. Although the breast will be smaller, but it will not completely disappear. If someone wants to determine which people drink coffee according to the woman’s bra size, then he will greatly disappointed.

bra has two dimensions, one is the cup size, the other is a bra perimeter, so you difficult to decide which women drink coffee bra."

although caffeine may reduce the size of a woman’s breasts, the men who drink coffee may have the opposite effect. The study also found that caffeine has a beneficial side, it helps to reduce the risk of breast cancer in women.

(internship editor: He Lili)