How to promote agricultural science and technology innovation in Dazhou

in the process of economic development, there exist obvious differences between the city and the economic development of rural areas, based on the economic development of the city, in order to effectively promote the development of the rural economy further, Dazhou city to take relevant measures to promote the innovation of agricultural science and technology.

in recent years, Dazhou City, take measures to vigorously promote modern agricultural science and technology innovation. First, to accelerate the breeding of new varieties of plants and animals. The implementation of animal and plant breeding technology research, is the cultivation of "Shu Xuan huaniu" agricultural new varieties of more than 50, which has independent intellectual property or share of nearly 30.

two is to accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. The introduction of the promotion of the promotion of Dazhou and the introduction of new varieties of animals and plants to promote incentives, the new varieties of corn, "win 6" and other scientific and technological achievements of the new Dazhou award awarded new varieties. To carry out patent law enforcement activities to increase the protection of intellectual property rights in agricultural science and technology.

three is the construction of innovative service system. Construction of a new type of rural science and technology service system based on science and technology correspondent, three District talent, agricultural expert courtyard, rural professional and technical cooperatives as the main body. Cultivate large industrial demonstration, promote the development of regional characteristics of the industry. To strengthen the demonstration of agricultural innovation and to solve the technical problems of agricultural production.

four is to strengthen innovation and investment protection. To support financial research projects for agricultural research projects. Encourage agricultural enterprises to set up R & D institutions. Promote the construction of agricultural science and technology innovation platform, cultivate agricultural technology research and development base. Deepen the cooperation between the city and the school, the marriage of the hospital, the organization to promote the advantages of close cooperation between industry, University and Research Institute, cultivate, gather agricultural science and technology innovation talents.

, a series of initiatives to promote agricultural science and technology innovation in Dazhou. Both the acceleration of breeding new varieties of plants or animals to accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, as well as the construction of innovation service system is very useful, not only hope in the future, this series of measures to get long-term development.

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