The old monk passed away the flesh will not rot moldjin Shen for the temple

Quanzhou 94 year old Zhao Si Fu thick old monk died in 2012, was to "sit cylinder" ritual of convergence remains. Recently, the temple opening cylinder, monk passed away the flesh does not rot, will moldjin Shen for the temple.

the so-called "open cylinder", refers to a Buddhist monk ceremony held after the death, including cylinder, cylinder, cylinder seat three main links. 2012, Fu thick old monk at the age of 94 he passed away, out of respect, Puzhao Temple decided to "sit Lilly cylinder" convergence of his body, placed in the Dongdan chamber Zutang Puzhao temple. After the opening of the cylinder in January 10th, Fu Hou old monk still posture, eyebrows, beard faintly visible.

Puzhao temple was wonderful month monks practiced Qigong, Fu Hou old monk later served as the superintendent of Puzhao temple. In Chongfu Temple died 5 days later, the old monk Fu thick flesh was moved to Zhao si. Because of his high repair, Puzhao Temple decided to "sit cylinder" ritual convergence of his body, he will be sitting cross legged in sealed cylinder.

for the old monk plasticjin Shen is expected to take more than a month

9 yesterday morning, opening ceremony at Puzhao temple Zutang cylinder. Zhu Guosheng from the body of the Buddha and the production of Mount Jiuhua, his master, the first wall will be closed to open, after opening the cylinder.

open cylinder, see the old monk Fu thick flesh does not rot, eyebrows, beard faintly visible, they will call out from the cylinder after a little processing, enshrined in the hall, for the faithful worship.

"Fu thick old monk from three and a half years ago by cylinder, cylinder seal, to open today is a cylinder." Zhu Guosheng also introduced the old monk sitting cylinder program, "to put a layer of lime in the bottom, with a layer of charcoal, the body of law which is filled with zhuanglian squats, crushed charcoal and sandalwood, finally put the lid sealed up after three and a half years to open the cylinder."

after the cylinder body, in Zutang Dongdan Anfeng Puzhao Temple chamber, the wall will bricklayer, keep indoor air moist. Zhu Guosheng said, according to his many years for the late monk recommended