Tianjin hired hundreds of entrepreneurs mentor

may be due to the impact of the entrepreneurial environment, perhaps because of the provision of relevant national preferential policies, in short, it is now a college student embarked on the road of entrepreneurship is a very normal thing. However, due to the college students have been in the state of learning, not much understanding of society, therefore, the service will be very important mentor. To this end, Tianjin hired hundreds of entrepreneurial mentors help these college entrepreneurs.

day before, to promote public entrepreneurship, innovation, enhance students’ entrepreneurial ability, help more students to succeed in business, human resources and Social Security Bureau Tianjin city start business mentor selection work within the city, to be hiring students entrepreneurship mentor 100. Entrepreneurial mentor to take the form of registration, hiring.

entrepreneurs who have entrepreneurial experience and sense of social responsibility, as well as legal, patent, financial, financial and venture capital, management consulting industry experts can apply. The expert review and publicity, the human social security department issued a letter of appointment, duration of employment is 3 years, and into the students’ Entrepreneurship base.

it is understood that the employment of the entrepreneurial mentor, will be in accordance with the highest proportion of 1:3, and entrepreneurship students signed a 6 month scholarship agreement. The mentors teach, business students passed the examination, give mentors tuition subsidies in accordance with the standard 2000 yuan per person, in the teaching period the success of university students, each successful entrepreneurial one, to give 3000 yuan reward business mentor.

if you think I have the qualifications, if you want an own strength for college student entrepreneurs contribution, and with this ability, so, please visit the relevant website for registration, so as to become a member of the Tianjin city business mentor, make a greater role for entrepreneurship development in Tianjin city the.

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