Xining flavor Sichuan hot pot join

now pay attention to an innovation, what can pay attention to the emergence of new tricks. Know the catering industry competition pressure, in order to talent shows itself in many brands, the stores catering style all their own, a variety of the most obvious is that we often see in the street name. A good name can let the people first time can remember you, this is a marketing strategy method. The formation of the Three Kingdoms period, Wei Shu Wu Three Kingdoms situation, this is the story of China known to every family. Today, I would like to introduce this to join in the name and this has a direct relationship, it is the taste of Xining I hot pot.

Xining Wei Shu Wu Xining located in the West District of Xining, Wu Shu Hot pot is good taste? Wei Shu Wu old Hot pot from procurement to ingredients are good material, and a variety of materials to choose from vegetables to soy products in meat food, all can be included, everyone can according to their own preferences selection, variety complete, very comprehensive nutrition. Especially the white bone taste delicious spicy hot pot, red pot are master of stew, delicious. What are the advantages of joining it?

Xining flavor I hot pot join the advantages of

join the advantage is the taste of my face to the hot pot market competition, attracting franchisees and the development of potential customers powerful weapons. Mainly in the following areas:

1. can get a standardized management model

The premise of

hire experts in Wu Shu Wei Wei Shu Wu business philosophy, the branches of the management system for the integration of comprehensive system, the current market economic conditions, the actual operation of the management Hot pot shop first hand. In order to take the lead in the franchise to completely change the franchise franchise franchise phenomenon and the phenomenon of weak management, to achieve a real sense of joining.

2. can get overall operational guidance

operates a Hot pot shop, and not as we imagined so simple and easy, what Hot pot shop did not too difficult, but every little bit all the details (seemingly simple but hard to do), these details by one person or several people, not ten years eight years will not touch experience (no talent even long time no use), the details of management determines the success or failure of Hot pot shop, join the taste that can get Shu Wu, Wu Shu Wei years Hot pot shop operation management experience (quality standards, service standards, service employees and behavior norms), easy and simple management Hot pot shop.

3. promotion support

new store opened, how to promote the ability to allow more consumers to patronize the hot pot restaurant? Holidays are in various places in the promotion, what should we do? There are new competitors to open up, how can we fight against