Personalized marketing has become a brand shaping effect of joining the magic

in the field of entrepreneurship, everyone said the brand effect is very important, but what is the core of the brand effect? In fact, "personalized". Today, the pursuit of personality in the era of consumer demand for personalized development, which the overall wardrobe business, personalized marketing has become a new marketing ideas. What is the personality marketing personality marketing is from the beginning of the brand personality (the core values of the brand personality level) throughout the operation of the marketing. So how can we really understand the "personalized" marketing? We must be clear, "personalized" it should be included in the product from the production, circulation of products to the use of the entire marketing behavior.

personality often includes three major marketing activities: looking for the root of the formation of personality, personality, personality of the incense tree spread.

Looking for the root of

for individual marketers, their main task is to find where the brand personality, brand personality often consists of four elements: customer demand for personalized, personalized, personalized products, personalized area. In Britain, palm as an example, describes the brand personality: complete enterprise managers, to enjoy the holiday fun, full service, high quality, save time, only to 11 European city, the brand personality is not only the one and only, easy to maintain but it is difficult to be imitated, and aimed at the key influence customer purchase decision the factors, not easy to be important enough to offset. The key to the success of the search for the roots of this little-known airline is the ability to defeat many of the old airline, was named the world’s most customer satisfaction of the mystery of the airline.

form character tree

if you can successfully find the brand personality, the next step is to construct the system of brand personality is the personality or operating system, marketers must be optimized from research and development, procurement, production, marketing, sales, distribution, real service business process and management process, to ensure that the entire operating system to support, formation and continuous improvement of brand personality, brand personality not empty beautiful words, but can do for the customer perception.

spread character Shannon

personality for marketers, the last step is to spread the brand personality of depth, makes the brand personality has become the forefront of competitive advantage.

to protect your agent’s brand can be maintained for a long time the development of strong force in the market, it is necessary to strengthen the personalized marketing, lasting to attract customers. The essence of personalized marketing is to guide the market through value innovation, rather than cater to the market, which is the personality of the advantages and charm. In today’s homogenization of serious wardrobe industry, the overall wardrobe enterprises to create personalized marketing is an important means for enterprises to stand out from the fierce market environment.

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