Not enough money to start a business No money to do the boss!

not enough money to start a business? Now the reality of society, in fact, you and I know that you do not have much money, whether it is a tangled life? In the entrepreneurial process, the most afraid to encounter this situation. So how do we do for the lack of venture capital, there is a person that he can also be a big boss empty handed, you believe it! His business is from the beginning of zero investment…….

I had opened a PR company, because there was no money to advertise, outside there is no visibility of what. How is your company for publicity? I noticed that we have an FM radio do very well, VOD program is also quite popular, the audience is welcome. Venture capital is not enough to do, I have an idea, this is not a free advertising? I want to good lines, called the company all the people, all out. One day through radio telephone calls, host: Hey, hey, I am the sun PR advertising company, my telephone number is 5818168 (homonym: I want to send a technician), here I am for the company all staff have a song, wish them good health, a happy family! For a moment the song rang.