Parasitic entrepreneurship makes success easier

entrepreneurial early, many people complain that entrepreneurship is difficult, there is no good way to start a business, there is no good plan. Is this really the case? Many successful people tell us that there is no originality, they can not fully achieve success, we must learn to imitate, learn to copy, learn to parasitism, learn to use ready-made! The following small series for you to take the parasitic entrepreneurial success easier!

parasitic on Baidu

personal website is a kind of power, it is no exaggeration to say that the individual stationmaster together the flow of Internet traffic accounted for China 30% or even half, and most people rely on Baidu, Baidu to bring personal website traffic is much higher than other sites,.

parasitic on Taobao

parasitic in Taobao rapid success a lot, but also dangerous traffic data from’s point of view, 40% of users to Taobao, and in a very long period of time, can become a springboard for Taobao".

said many clever and beautiful, although relying on Taobao’s "Taobao" system to support revenue, but said the beautiful flow from the QQ equivalent of Baidu traffic, never see the site in SNS development is so good, I think it also benefited from the help of Tencent.

parasitic on micro-blog

a hundreds of thousands of fans micro-blog according to the content, send a message to the income 100-600, forwarding a micro-blog in 100 yuan, a year ago the price is higher, this time last year, the number of more than 600 thousand fans, the quoted price is 2000 yuan / article. So a lot of public relations companies, Cao Genbo Lord, marketing staff are in the number".

if doing a website, so early to buy website online, server, domain name, and search engines, "