Where does Zhao Benshan’s success come from

Zhao Benshan in recent years has been out of the sketch of the stage, but a few years ago his wonderful performance in the Spring Festival Gala on let us not forget for a long time, in fact, Zhao Benshan was also a primary school culture of rural people, that is how he became so, how to step into the work?

wealth accumulation

to sell coal dug the first pot of gold

Zhao Benshan is played by the actor and actress to enter the line, after the play skit fame, but fortune is selling coal and transportation began. In early 1993, Zhao Benshan established the Art Development Corporation, although the name of the art name, but the profit is relying on coal and transportation, as you can imagine, in the northeast heavy industry base, coupled with the favorable social environment and the reputation of Zhao Benshan, making coal he accumulated a wealth of original. Exactly how much money, Zhao Benshan himself has been carefully conceal mentioning. However, the money made by the coal business has accumulated the original capital for his cultural industry.

name Jianghu

relies on the Spring Festival Gala

and now the entertainment world famous young star, Zhao Benshan’s artistic life is a lot of twists and turns. The orphaned Zhao Benshan village with blind uncle Apprenticeship at the age of 6. Erhu, suona, throwing handkerchief, thugs figs, sing songs, and so good at all, especially Sanxian foundation is particularly prominent. In 1982, due to the "wrestling Sanxian" as blind Zhang Zhi, famous, popular in the northeast. In 1987, Jiang Kun Huiyanshizhu, Zhao Benshan recommended in the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, but had been rejected 4 times, sometime in 1990 Zhao Benshan finally appeared in the show on the stage.

people say that life is the best teacher, suffering experience has become the wealth of Zhao Benshan’s life, perhaps it is these exercises, in order to let us every year on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala to see his extraordinary style.

actor moonlighting in the entertainment circle is not what strange things, one is to fast money, the two is to improve visibility. As the first line of the actor, Zhao Benshan in the last century in 90s the appearance fee has reached 100 thousand yuan, but he almost did not walk through the hole, why? Moonlighting is that. Zhao Benshan evaluation of such points go much moonlighting; and various aspects pay attention to your people, sometimes have to cater to some things, the actor is also easy to peel off. Perhaps with good character and high influence and reputation, Zhao Benshan can stand on the stage of the Spring Festival gala. Although do not rely on his fame to show moonlighting, but that doesn’t mean Zhao Benshan will not use CCTV to his business.

a lot of successful people do not rely on the rich family background, but by their own strength to have everything now, Zhao Benjian