What is the cost of joining the Royal Chicken

small I do not know why in recent years chicken sales suddenly rose, is affecting chicken market Xiaobian I Out what factors? No matter what the reason, there is no denying that the chicken market now has a lot of brands also have different tastes, although the competition is very fierce, but still have a large market, Royal chicken is a very good chicken. It is a hundred million Feng Feng catering management company’s brand.

hundred million run Fung catering management (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is a collection of Taiwan food promotion, brand marketing and investment cooperation as one of the food and beverage chain corporation, headquartered in Beijing, Xicheng District. Our company is committed to the development of the most authentic Taiwan cuisine, adhering to the "delicious, healthy, fashion, win-win" concept, and your partners work together to develop a grand plan. From Taiwan, the flavor is full, is our product quality standards; customer first is our service concept. At present, our company has joined the division, brand promotion, product research and development department, the Department of decoration design, logistics and Distribution Department, personnel training department and other core departments, to join the service provider. Now is a very popular joining the project, then how much money to join the brand it?

Royal Chicken joined what is the cost?

Royal Chicken joined the cost are as follows:

affiliate Gold: 30 thousand

Bairun Wanfeng catering management (Beijing) Co. Ltd. the Royal Chicken restaurant chain franchise franchise and license to use the trademark label and management of assets, by the franchisee to pay a one-time fee, as of right, the franchise and the use of the trademark business assets the right to use costs. Contract period of three years.

device: 30 thousand

equipment containing the Royal Chicken dual control special large blast furnace, touch screen ordering machine, four door, double door refrigerator freezer double control console, ceiling lamp box, menu ordering crystal light box, electromagnetic oven, outdoor audio, amplifier, microphone, beverage production of a full set of equipment and other equipment required for all business.

margin: 20 thousand

to ensure that franchisees joined the Royal Chicken restaurant to fulfill the franchise contract obligation to Bairun Wanfeng catering management (Beijing) Co. Ltd. the cost of delivery, to join after the expiration of both sides not to renew, and join the party breach of contract, no arrears, the deposit will be non return.

management fee: 6 thousand / year brand advertising costs, product updates, new product development,

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