Recommended several zero cost venture

for many entrepreneurs who are afraid to take risks, not too much capital, zero cost entrepreneurial projects may be the most suitable for them. Some people will be questioned, there is no real cost of venture capital? Of course, here to recommend a few to everyone, so that we can really start from scratch.

network consulting

personalized T-shirt shop

electronic sounding chart

handmade yogurt

yogurt is a handmade yogurt as the theme of the concept of products, product line of yogurt, drinks, desserts, baked baking compound creative store! By hand for real quality characteristics, adopt a transparent to do now is to sell the business model, the traditional preparation method of dairy products into the store of modern culture create a quick nutritious yogurt culture! Do now is to sell, fast production, health and nutrition, refused to add the number of probiotics yogurt shop! Activity up to 20 billion, so that customers really feel intestinal probiotics live! To standard shop 30 square meters as an example, the basic investment of about 50 thousand yuan.

color consultant

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