The office of the seven sitting effects of chest health health network

once in a while sleeping not what relationship, but long-term sleep face down, female breast tissue would be too much to breast extrusion, premature aging, skin relaxation, breast expansion deformation, breast blood circulation. If it has been produced, the remedy is to use a supine position or a small pillow on the back. Should minimize the tummy to sleep, it is best to take back to right-wing position, or it will make serious compression of the chest, breast ptosis, depression.


sitting in the office all day, many white-collar women in the morning or in the afternoon to go with head high and chest out, but is not supported, began to work at the desk. Not only that, long bow in front of the desk, but also affect the chest pain will be tall and straight, breast. The following small series on the introduction of white-collar workers in the office under the influence of unhealthy chest posture:

women’s desk, such as ignoring the breast health, there will be a lot of people breast fullness, chest and back pain and other muscle sour unspeakable armpit discomfort and other symptoms, these symptoms are increased, great harm to health of the female breast, and therefore must be timely prevention. If you want to work at the desk or office of women is the use of computer, the correct posture should be the basic body straight, chest from the edge of the table is 10 cm, the lifting of fatigue, protect the physiological activity of breast chest is very good.

sit tired, you want to get up and move the upper limb, do more breathing, >

5, extrusion

4, at



7, Buckle Shoulder

3, arm

sat hunched, how comfortable to sit, the middle part of the formation of a lot of people say "swim ring". Excess fat accumulation in the waist and abdomen. As the pace of work stress, often to can’t help tayao, thereby increasing the burden of lumbar spine, hinder the blood circulation, thereby affecting the development of the pectoral muscles. Therefore, women should always straight waist, tired to stand on the wall for a few minutes, will make your chest comfortable.

some working women, because the breast often squeezed by the edge of the table, the situation may be more severe. Because lean sideways or lying on the table, right in the breasts on the fulcrum of extruding. Research shows that, if the hard edge of the table by breast squeeze nearly 1.5 hours, can interfere with the normal metabolism of the breast, a long time will cause adverse consequences.

buckle shoulder is the back can not stand up! Two shoulders forward, buckle shoulder will lead to chest is not tall and straight.

many women often hold a double ring in front of the chest, this position will increase the burden on the chest. Should relax will naturally hang on both sides of the legs, often stretching themselves, help to improve breast shape.

6, sleeping

causes the shoulder and back fat, male tiger waist, women lose beautiful feeling! Humpback oppression of the chest, a long time, will affect the health of the chest. So, should keep go with head high and chest out.

1, bend