What are the preferential policies for veterans in 2015

everyone wants to start a business, entrepreneurial information must always grasp, veterans have preferential business, then what are these preferential policies? Now and Xiaobian together to understand it, maybe it will be of great use.

: former army veterans refers to members, according to its service life, service type, honor or terminate active duty, in accordance with the laws and regulations or the degree of disability, eligible veterans law benefits or privileges.

Retired soldier

the business sector for individual business registration fee (including registration, change of registration), individual industrial and commercial households bazaars management fees, management fees, economic contract demonstration text fee;

Management fees of private medical institutions for the health department of the

;Labor contract verification fees charged by the Department of labor and social security of the


the provincial people’s government and finance, price departments approved the establishment of the registration and management fees of individual business;

and other relevant registration and management fees.