What are the principles of heating socks

is now on the market there are a lot of heating socks, these hot socks propaganda is very good, it won a lot of consumers love, then, this product in the end what principle? Xiao Bian made a detailed introduction.

heating socks will really fever fever? The use of thermal insulation material, by special thermal processing technology, make the pantyhose with moisture heating function, the body of water vapor is converted to heat and moisture, discharge water quickly and keep the heat. Japan Atsugi fever socks, soft and comfortable, the sock body and hips are added hot fiber, elastic fabric, good extensibility, strong and durable, not easy to hook wire, no deformation, uniform color.

heating socks really will Atsugi fever? According to the D value, the price is relatively will change, this series is currently hot in autumn and winter is the two. Usually, a pair of socks to wear two years no problem! The high cost of wood! The heat absorption of light and motion generated by the far infrared way into heat to the skin, make you feel warmer and more comfortable than ordinary socks.

The above is about the introduction of

fever fever socks some principle, we believe that this knowledge, we must have a good understanding, so that you can then shop smoothly, to better open a store of his own words to learn.

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