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(2) will be seeded papaya cut open, into the red dates, lotus seeds, honey, cage steam permeability can be.

material: walnut, pine nuts, corn

caution: green papaya skin, with orange, sweet taste, suitable for all the beauty of women. When making this dessert, worry about the weight of women can join the "Yuan Zhen sugar" and other non caloric sweeteners, thin women can join the bees seasoning.

nutritionist sifanghua: walnut and pine nuts are the classic nourishing food, they are rich in vitamin E and zinc, can delay the senescence of breast, in addition to protein, minerals, vitamin B is also very rich, or beauty Jiapin emollient. What is more, walnut and pine nuts are good sources of linolenic acid, which is the recent popularity of breast health ingredients, there are female hormones to stimulate the synthesis function. Corn itself is rich in vitamin E, is also a respected expert breast food.


2, walnut pine

raw materials: papaya, red dates, lotus seeds

words: papaya is Chinese folk traditional breast food, vitamin A content is extremely rich, and the lack of vitamin A may interfere with estrogen synthesis. Chinese medicine, papaya sweet nature, can stomachic tonic, prolactin, also has therapeutic effect on dyspepsia. Papaya can be eaten with milk, can also be used to make dishes or porridge. Red dates is the regulation of the endocrine, blood and beauty of traditional food; red dates with lotus seeds, as well as Tiaojing Qi, nourishing the body function.

spices: rock sugar, soup, salad oil

fullness of the chest, almost every little chest woman’s dream. How can I achieve my dream? The following editorial recommendation 3 delicious homemade breast dishes, let you enjoy the delicacy in the process of the cup quietly followed up.

(2) take appropriate broth, add sugar and corn, simmer cooked, sprinkle with walnut and pine nuts.

sauce: condensed milk, salad oil



: honey, sugar seasoning


black sesame peanut milk mix

(1), red dates lotus and the amount of crystal sugar, boiled.

(1) Zhashu peanut oil, black sesame saute, stand-by.

(2) with the amount of condensed milk peanut mix well, sprinkle with black sesame seeds, you can.

corn soup

raw materials: peanuts, black sesame seeds

caution: the use of sunflower oil cooking the best, because sunflower oil is also rich in linolenic acid. When you eat this soup can not be excessive, it is recommended to eat three or four spoons a day. Otherwise it may be too much heat to cause obesity.

(1) walnut, pine nut fried cooked.

1, papaya jujube jujube lotus