The entrepreneurial fable of enlightened mind

Guide: at a very young age, we are exposed to a wide variety of fable, we obtain from the fable of the beauty of the experience of childhood, and grew up, we will find that in the short story there is more wisdom of life. Below, this article will share an enlightened entrepreneurial fable.

to sell comb monk

the candidate said: "I went to a mountain temple incense is sung in a continuous line of pilgrims. I find the host said, pilgrimage to the men and women have a pious heart, baosha should return as a souvenir, I have a batch of comb, presided over the calligraphy Chaoqun, engraved (Jishan comb) three words as gifts. Presided over the exultation, I brought all the 1000. Very glad to get a comb of pilgrims, incense and more prosperous, but I sold him a comb over."

comments: sell bonze wooden comb, it sounds fantastic, but the others thought impossible place to develop the new market, that is the real master of marketing. Different thinking will lead to different ways, resulting in different results.

from the story and comment, we can see business opportunities everywhere, not what is not possible, but need to have a good head and find business opportunities wisdom, I believe you after reading this fable certainly can be.