Part-time white-collar business success is not cheap

now has become a lot of people venture together in one thing, do exist in the society, and some full-time entrepreneurs and some part-time part-time entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship is a very good way of entrepreneurship.


2003 years, the introduction of a number of second-hand housing units. Liu Yang have qualified to buy a house, but not the whereabouts of the fund. 1000 yuan / square meters, lower than the market price of about half. But he can’t afford to buy a cheap house.

100 square metres each, he took out 100 thousand yuan 1629. "I can’t afford to buy a house on a dead wage." He made up his mind to start a business.


play at school, Liu Yang is not in good health. "My name is sick cat." He said that the school dormitory does not allow the use of cooking utensils, but he perennial with electric stove boil Chinese medicine. After work, he lives irregular, often cold fever.

most hurt his self-esteem is a beauty of the female colleagues interested in skin care, Liu Yang talk about beauty salons profits, products may not be effective, made this recommendation