How to run a good shoe store

to open a professional children’s shoes shop, for the children, this is the current number of people have chosen to start a business. However, a shop in the course of the operation will encounter a variety of problems. As a manager, naturally also need to do more work, can guarantee the success of the business. So, how to manage a good shoe store? Let Xiaobian for you to analyze.

one, selling goods is selling ideas

home shoe business is good, do not enter the store at the door, look at the know! Look at what, look at the shop signs, look at the store as a whole light, look at the display of goods, look at the health situation, look at the spirit of the salesperson, work attitude and no customers when the salesman is doing.

although we sell the goods, but in fact sell the idea. What is selling ideas? Is to tell consumers, choose what kind of product is the most important. For example, when you buy a car, Mercedes Benz tell you the identity and status of the most important, BMW told you to open the most fun, Volvo told you the most important security. Seize your product may lead to the effect, there is a focus to be explained, it will be just right.

, for example, in the same shopping malls in Beijing, the same location, the same brand of children’s shoes, a person can sell fifty thousand or sixty thousand a month, others can only sell for ten thousand or twenty thousand? Why? First of all, we have a client called Miss Zhou, her showroom in the shop, all shoes are classified separately, according to the price, a boy, girl, children’s shoes have leather, PU, canvas, she will separate, do "partition display, display counters".

, for example, when a customer comes in, will she notice that the customer’s eyes are free, or are they staring at something? First of all, she wants to separate the price, which is 100 – $200, which is 200 – $300 or more. The focus of the customer’s value range is her heart price. If you look at this area, and look at that area, it must be her heart price and style has not been determined.

at this time, the children’s shoes shop owner can preconceived, professional promotion. This, she will not only introduce a pair of shoes, will take another price only 50 yuan of another style of shoes for the customer, and then explain the respective characteristics of the two shoes, the heel like what kind of clothes with better, and she will give the customer some advice, the two what is the style, noble, fashion is more elegant. Then she will tell the customer: your child was very delicate, more suitable for this elegant. We think, Miss Zhou do business success rate is almost one hundred percent? Selling shoes is not to sell shoes, but to sell a status symbol, elegant, stylish, safe, healthy, comfortable and other characteristics are the selling points of her launch.

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