Korean fried chicken swept China 20 thousand yuan to join the opening of 10 square meters

China has a population of 1 billion 300 million, everyone is most concerned about the first thing in life and food. "Three meals a day" is one of the most closely related issues for every family. This is the "hunger breeds discontentment"! Choose 1 billion 300 million people are most concerned about the daily investment in the industry, is no longer so clever.

don’t open fried chicken shop   you really out it

2014 follow "from the stars you" came to China’s South Korean fried chicken, causing fans to panic buying. In the play, Gianna Jun played the heroine of a thousand Iraqi song line: snow, how can no fried chicken and beer hot network. Fried chicken was just an ordinary snack, but now the fire was a mess, the size of the fried chicken store line up.

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: Carnivorous doctrine

: urban white-collar

project risk snacks

classic small   for the project success can be replicated


> consumption of a wide range of people, market space