When confronted with difficulties in how to turn the corner shop

business is not good to do, the store business process can often encounter a variety of difficulties, the long-term operation of the shop is very unfavorable. In short, the operation of the store for three hundred and sixty-five days, we will encounter this or that kind of difficulty, is simply give up, or welcome, everyone has their own choice. For me, I would like to use 42 break the skills to resolve it.

at the end of last year, an old master Advisor: "is there a gift box with it?" I replied: "yes, in the warehouse." Then, he bought a lot of special purchases for the Spring Festival, but when I go to the warehouse to get the box, and it is found that sell missing. Because the customer has not pay the bill, I’m afraid because of the box out of stock and let him down, and may even go to a store to buy. So I lie said: "it’s a bit of things at home, you have a right in the bay of villagers have a lot of goods, before dinner, I will go right with the goods."

customers left, I began to inquire about neighbors to see if you can buy goods wholesale price. However, the next door because of the lack of sales or root has not ordered such goods. It is necessary to do, since the promise of the customer must also do. The situation is very bad and very crisis, it seems that I can only call the supplier to try. After the phone open, the supplier said in a nearby town, and I say thanks to the phone in time, otherwise, they will soon be out of stock……

I think, do business do not have to bargain with each other, hate each other and can be as the old customers, peers may not be an enemy, and next door neighbor business relationship is also very important. First of all, out of difficulties encountered, but can peer commodity solution as pressing danger. Secondly, when the cash flow is not open, but also to be able to cope with the so-called manufacturers can enjoy the activities of the big policy, you can set up a partnership for the common occupation of the Highlands, gnawing big bones. Finally, in the above sales, can pledge to a gentleman’s agreement the same commodity sales, the same price, not to engage in vicious competition, each doing business, common development, common wealth. This is the right tool.

in the actual operation, I encountered the biggest problem, often funding problems. Want to solve this long-standing problem, first of all, the social network, is the financial strength of the family and friends, to borrow points as far as possible. In peacetime, but also to the Scriptures, and good relations with suppliers, do these, if encountered financial difficulties, can win the support of the payment as soon as possible to pressure a little bit. For new products, or their own sense of no great importance, the sale of goods, if the supplier can be the first to find our mouth, then credit.

cigarette is always the most difficult problem I encountered, especially the new year’s Day tobacco packages, the amount involved is the most. And the more goods in the supply of more cigarettes on the line, but I really can not take out the money. So every year in December, I rarely order other goods, even if the goods are sure